Here at The Pet Coach our dog training classes are focussed on teaching your dog important life skills and good manners, relevant to the real world. 

Urban dog training that’s relevant to every day life.


puppy socialisation

Puppy Training Classes

Puppy Life Skills Classes 

This is a course for puppies that have had their first vaccination and are under 20 weeks of age at the beginning of the course. (I am happy to take puppies 7 days after first vaccination).

Developed by Behavioural Scientists at The University of Lincoln, this course lays the foundation to having a well behaved, calm and confident puppy.

The primary purpose of these puppy classes is to teach owners about  socialisation, and basic obedience. We also teach the importance of teaching bite inhibition, temperament training and simple solutions for common and predictable behaviour problems, as well as basic household manners your puppy needs to learn. This course will also teach the puppies play skills and how to behave appropriately around other dogs.

By the end of the course we aim to help you have a better understanding of how to communicate with your puppy and get them to do the basic things you want them to do, how to teach them puppy manners such as toilet training, jumping up, chewing, and how to deal with sharp puppy teeth. We also stress the importance of playing with your puppy and set the foundations to you having a happy relationship for many years to come.

We teach dogs to respond to their name, how to meet and greet people calmly, how to walk on a loose lead, to return to their handler when called, sit, down, stand, stay, how to accept being handled, leave food, wait by a door or road, and drop a toy.

We keep class sizes small, and staffed so that the numbers are manageable and you get some one on time with a trainer or assistant. Our aim is to enable dogs and their owners to learn in a stress free relaxed environment.

The course is taught as a six week long course of 50 minutes each week and costs £140.

This includes a clicker and puppy pack on week one, homework sheets each week, and on successful completion of the course a rosette and a certificate.

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Intermediate Class

This is a follow on class suitable for owners who have completed Puppy Class or Beginners, or who have had one to one private sessions with myself or an approved trainer. The class is particularly suited for adolescent dogs who require a little more work with training. Dogs need mental stimulation and these classes build on the reliability of behaviours already learnt around larger distractions, such as recall, lead walking and leaving food and toys (we play temptation alley!) as well as the following new exercises – play manners, retrieve, settle, go to your bed/mat, road safety (wait at kerb), as well as a few fun tricks to mix things up.

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Tricks Class

Open to any age or ability, teaching your dog to do tricks is a great bonding experience and a very effective way to work your dogs brain. The class is taught with clicker training and we use luring, targeting and free-shaping.

Puppy and Dog Training Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings in Bermondsey and Kingston Upon Thames. Click here to see our locations on a map.

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